Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Valentin 907cc0328d correction error warning 3 years ago
  Valentin 27c70f01e0 big fix bug autoconfig and receved data 3 years ago
  Valentin 764ee78830 bug fixe on data receved with arduino 3 years ago
  Valentin 1ce48221d1 Integrate warning system with many problem 3 years ago
  valentin 72543a97a5 bug fixe, serial input not correct recept data and send output not correct send code, edit Arduino C for this. 3 years ago
  Valentin f1a3990aee add config panel 3 years ago
  Valentin e77e36bf5d bug fix, thread not java FX in launch com with Arduino 3 years ago
  Valentin 473f122aff add launch4j and configuration 3 years ago
  Valentin f8a13c1665 testing and correction for communication serial input et output, testing view can test one, two or three communication 3 years ago
  Valentin e15ed8a491 correct ajust for listen input on Serial, add interface for test output and input on Arduino 3 years ago
  Valentin 5949d08dbd integration communication serial for Arduino with PIGOU, TODO test 3 years ago
  Valentin 74f6d3a6f7 end code for deactivate system aux and power system, add dock status in Orbiter to PIGOU 3 years ago
  Valentin 7030740932 end code life support system, deactivate system aux and power must be done 3 years ago
  Valentin 35fbcaeae0 begin code life support system 3 years ago
  Valentin c486e65c20 control fuel completed 3 years ago
  Valentin 435454022d bug fixe on AP hold altitude, airlock inner, outer door functionnal with emp Air 3 years ago
  Valentin bb52b14d8f bug fixe on Main load config, bad load ArduinoName, begin system power interaction and AP, airlock nose cone and gear is correct, integrated value fuel, power system on LCD, and more fix bug 3 years ago
  Valentin 76c0b2304c bug fixe on auto config output, not start by 0. Test completed and done on command gear in Orbiter <> PIGOU <> VirtualDeltaStar 3 years ago
  Valentin 601f1cf762 finish service class java for communication with Orbiter for PIGOU 3 years ago
  Valentin 51c082f68c finish lua script for communication between PIGOU and Orbiter 3 years ago
  Valentin 189bf781c9 begin SocketServer for connection Orbiter 3 years ago
  Valentin 12a086ef26 finish service sound, begin service communication with Orbiter 3 years ago
  Valentin 8ea69670d2 add service song, begin interface launch mission 3 years ago
  Valentin ecc67879b4 AutoConfiguration done, save and restore config 3 years ago
  Valentin 536ed25c56 progressbar and bug fixe for module 3 years ago
  Valentin ed4b1bc3d7 send output completed on Virtual DeltaStar, todo progress and input process 3 years ago
  Valentin c2409d4b3a send output on Virtual DeltaStar done, waiting bug fix VD for continue 3 years ago
  Valentin a2b4388231 begin interface for auto config Arduino 3 years ago
  Valentin d4c49d0e6c finish interface for look status com with arduino 3 years ago
  Valentin 4a5c097085 com with Virtual DeltaStar input done, begin interface for status Arduino view 3 years ago